Types of Visas

Types of Visas

Our immigration lawyers offer Application Packages to guide their clients through the visa application process. Find out more about the wide variety of UK, US and Irish visas that our lawyers can help you to apply for.

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WMYV Visa Application Assistance

Here at the WMYV, our lawyers provide application assistance for every type of UK visa. Whether you want to live, work, study, start a business or even just visit the UK, our immigration specialists will be able to recommend the best visa type for you and can help you to apply.

If you want to apply for a UK, US or Irish visa but cannot make it into one of our offices, we can still assist you. We also offer all of our services remotely, our lawyers can arrange an appointment to be conducted over the phone or via Zoom call to discuss your visa options with you.

Below are the full lists of the visa types that our immigration lawyers can help you to apply for.

UK Visas

Visa type Purpose
Skilled Worker Visa Skilled Workers with a job offer in the UK
Temporary Worker Visa Temporary work, work experience and research in the UK for less than 12 months
Youth Mobility Visa2 year work permit for young people aged 18-20 from participating territories
Paid Permitted Engagement visa Short-term entry for individuals invited to the UK as experts in their field
Sportsperson Visa Work permit for elite sportspersons or qualified coaches
Minister of Religion Visa Work permit for religious workers
Senior or Specialist Worker VisaEmployees from multi-national companies transferring to work in a UK branch
Business Visitor Visa Travel to the UK for up to 6 months for business activities
Student Visitor VisaStudying in the UK on a temporary basis
Tourist Visa Travel to the UK for up to 6 months for leisure or other purposes
Adult Student Visa Studying in the UK
Two year post-study work visaWork permit for international students who have studied a bachelor’s or master’s course in the UK
Child Student Visa Children aged 4-17 to study in the UK
Spouse VisaSpouses of British Citizens/settled persons
Fiancé VisaFiancés of British Citizens/settled Persons
Unmarried Partner VisaLong-term partner of British Citizens/settled persons
Adult Dependent VisaForeign nationals requiring care from a UK relative
Child Dependent Visa Child of a British citizen/settled person not living an independent life
Ancestry Visa Citizens of commonwealth countries with a British grandparent
Innovator Visa International entrepreneurs with £50,000 to invest in a business in the UK
Investor VisaInternational investors with at least £2 million to invest in UK businesses
Startup VisaApplicants with approved sponsors to start their first business in the UK
Schengen Visa Travel throughout the Schengen area


Following Brexit, the UK government has introduced a new points-based immigration system. This new system contains many visa options that are available to both EEA and non-EEA nationals.

Under the new system, you will need to score a certain number of points to secure a visa. The points required vary depending on the visa category that you are applying for. To score these points you will need to prove to the Home Office that you can meet the relevant requirements.

EU citizens are not required to apply for a visa if they plan to visit the UK for 90 days or less, but now that free movement has ended between the UK and EU, they must apply for a visa if they plan on staying for more than 90 days or working or studying whilst here.

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How can We Manage Your Visas help?

Here at the WMYV, we have immigration lawyers that specialise in UK, US and Irish visas. Applying for a visa is usually a complex process, as well as filling in a detailed application form you will need to put together a substantial portfolio of evidence to prove that you meet the relevant requirements. With so many visa options available, it can also be difficult to know which visas you could be eligible for, and which would suit your circumstance the best.

Our immigration lawyers are passionate about making your immigration journey easier. This is why we offer an Application Package that will provide you with guidance throughout the entire visa application process. Our Advice Package is also included within the full application package.

If you choose our Application Package, one of our lawyers will first arrange an advice session with you. During this session they will discuss your circumstances for you and can assess your eligibility for a visa for either the UK, US or Ireland. They can also answer any questions that you may have about the application process.

Once you have decided on the visa that you would like to apply for, our lawyers will get you started with your application. They can fill in and submit any application forms on your behalf and will help you to gather all of the supporting documents that you will need. Your lawyer will also write you a Letter of Representation to support your application.

It can be easy to make a mistake in a visa application, and doing so can result in it being refused. By getting the assistance of our professional immigration lawyers, you can be sure that your visa application will have the best possible chance of success. To get started on your application, get in touch with our team today.

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