EEA Residence Card

EEA Residence Card

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Permanent Residence Card UK

If you are an EEA citizen and you have been living in the UK for less than five years, you can apply for EEA Permanent Residence. If you are hoping to apply for permanent residency, you should first apply for an EEA Residence Card. These cards last for five years, after which time you can apply for the EEA PR Card.

If you have recently arrived in the UK and hope to settle down, it makes sense to secure your position by holding a document which states when you arrived. Likewise, if you are worried about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations and want a document that states you are a resident of the UK, the EEA Residence Card is ideal. The card lasts for five years, after which time it is expected that applicants will apply for EEA Permanent Residence Card.

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We can help you by answering any questions you have about what an EEA Residence Card is, if you need one, or if Brexit will affect your need for one. One of our highly-qualified lawyers can assess your personal situation and advise you with the most recent changes to EEA law. He/she will also assist you with each part of your application process, consider how your nationality, status and family circumstances will affect your application. Each of our immigration lawyers has extensive and up-to-date knowledge of immigration and EU law and will use this when guiding you. Get in touch today or make an enquiry online to receive personal advice about your application for an EEA Residence Card now.

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