Student dependent Visa

Student dependent Visa UK

Are you an international student in the UK or applying for a student visa? You may be eligible to bring your family members to the country under the student dependent visa UK. If you qualify, your dependants can apply for the dependant visa.

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Who Qualifies to Bring Dependants to the UK under Student dependent Visa?

Note: As of January 2024, international students will not be able to bring dependents with them to the UK unless they are enrolled in a postgraduate course designated as a research programme. Eligible programmes include PhDs and other doctoral qualifications or masters programmes with a research component, including a requirement to produce original work. This restriction will apply for all international students starting courses from 1 January 2024. 

You may qualify to bring dependants to the UK under the student dependent visa if either of the following applies:

  • You’re taking a full-time course of at least 9 months at a postgraduate level.
  • You’re a full-time government-sponsored student studying for 6 months or more. The official financial sponsorship can be from the UK or overseas government.

If you don’t meet the above requirements, your family members may be eligible for this dependant visa if you’re an existing student in the UK and meet all the requirements below:

  • You’re taking a course of more than 6 months.
  • You have a valid Tier4/student immigration permission, and if expired, not more than 3 months before the visa application.
  • Your family members are holders of dependant immigration permission or one that expired within the past 3 months before the new visa application.
  • Your family members apply for the dependant visa when you’re making your student visa application.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for a Student dependent Visa UK?

Your family members may be eligible for the UK student dependent visa application if they fall under any of the following categories:

  • Husband, wife, or civil partner.
  • Unmarried partner.
  • Children below 18 years.

Dependant children can only apply for the student dependent visa if:

  • One parent is residing in the UK, and the other is making an entry clearance application to the country.
  • Both parents are concurrently applying for entry clearance.
  • The parents are already in the UK.

Under 18 with only one parent may also apply for the visa if one of the following is the prevailing situation:

  • The presence of genuine reasons why they can exceptionally apply as one parent dependants.
  • If you have sole responsibility for their upbringing.
  • They only have one surviving parent.

Your over 18 dependent children may apply for a dependency permission extension if you’re extending your student visa. However, they must do so before their current visa expires.

For the dependant spouse or partner, your relationship must be genuine and subsisting to apply for the visa. Also, you must plan to live together during your entire stay in the country.

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How Do You Apply for a Student dependent Visa in the UK?

Your partner or child can apply for a student dependent visa in the UK by submitting their completed online application form, supporting documents, and paying the relevant fees on the UK government official website.

Also, they must submit their biometrics through an appointment at the visa application center. The information includes fingerprints and photographs. After successfully presenting the biometrics, the application is submitted for approval.

Upon the application’s approval, the UK visas and Immigration (UKVI) informs the applicant through a letter. After permission to enter the country is granted, they get a biometric residence permit allocation. They must collect the permit within ten days.

Your partner or child can apply for the dependant visa from inside (permission to stay as a dependant) or outside (entry clearance as a dependant) the UK. they should do so when they’re applying for their student visa or after you obtain it.

What Documents Do You Need to Apply for a UK Student dependent Visa?

The applicant needs to submit supporting documents to support their UK student dependent visa application. They include the following:

  • A Tuberculosis (TB) certificate if applying from any of the countries listed on the UK government website and your stay is more than 6 months.
  • A letter proving your host’s enrollment in a UK university if you aren’t applying at the same time.
  • An updated Police Registration Certificate (PRC): If needed when applying within the UK.
  • A valid passport or travel document to prove your travel history, nationality, and identity.
  •  A valid Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card (where applicable).
  • Maintenance requirements compliance proof.

Additionally, the dependant must provide particular documents.

If the candidate is applying for a visa as a dependant partner, they must prove that they have a genuine and subsisting relationship with the main applicant. Hence, they must provide the following documents:

  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate.
  • Evidence of their relationship with the sponsor if not married, which must be for at least 2 years. In this case, you can provide the following documents:
  • Utility bills, council tax, or bank statements.
  • Tenancy agreements or residential mortgage statements.
  • Official correspondence or documents linking the two of you and proving that you live at the same address.
  • Proof that you’ll live together (if they’re applying from within the UK). That can include joint or separate bank statements with the same address, council tax bills, or utility bills.
  • Proof of your relationship continuity if you have been living apart and applying for the dependant visa separately. The dependant partner or child can use emails, skype/phone logs, and plane tickets from one another visit trips.

Also, dependant children must:

  • Provide evidence of their relationship with the student/Tier 4: Birth certificate, government-issued household registration certificate, or special guardianship order.
  • Evidence that a baby is born in the UK and is making their first application for the student dependent visa.  A birth certificate will do.
  • Provide evidence that they aren’t leading an independant life or have formed an independant family unit.. They can provide an NHS registration document, bank statements, and the student’s learning institutional letter confirming their address.

If the dependant child is living separately from the main applicant, it can only be due to studies elsewhere. They must provide official confirmation from their educational institution in such a case.

What Is the processing time for the UK Student dependent visa?

The processing time for the UK student dependent visa depends on where you’re applying from and the application fee you pay.

The dependant visa processing duration can go up to 12 weeks if you apply from outside the UK. The period starts counting from the time you attend the biometric appointment, and the application is submitted.

Luckily, you can pay an additional fee for your application to be processed faster through the priority service. You’ll have the feedback within 5 working days.

On the other hand, it takes 8 weeks from the appointment date if you apply from within the UK. Similarly, you can pay an additional fee for priority or super-priority services.

The ‘priority’ service takes 5 days to process the visa, while the ‘super priority’ one takes only 24 hours.

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What Are the Processing Fees for a Student dependent visa Application in the UK?

Again, like the processing time, the processing fees for a student dependent visa depend on where you’re applying from. It also depends on the processing service you choose.

The visa fee per dependant is £363 if you apply from outside the UK. You may also incur an additional cost of £55 if you visit a ‘user pay Visa Application Centre (VAC).’

You may have to pay an extra fee if you need the priority service or your documents scanned or delivered.

If you apply for your visa from inside the UK, the processing fee is as follows:

Application TypeProcessing TimeProcessing Fees Per Dependent
Standard8 Weeks£490
Priority5 Working days£500
Super PriorityWeekdays: By next day
Weekend: After 2 days


Note that the priority and super priority options may sometimes be unavailable.

What’s the Duration of Stay under a Student dependent Visa?

The duration of stay under a student visa is equivalent to the main applicants’ (student) length of stay. Usually, the maximum stay period for an initial dependent visa is 3 years.

For that reason, a child’s dependent visa validity must align with the parents’ shortest visa.

If your partner or child stays in the UK for five years, they may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR). However, that can only happen if yours is granted the same.

Can a Student dependent Visa Leave to Indefinite Leave to Remain?

Yes, a dependant visa can lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain. The main applicant may become eligible for an Indefinite Leave to Remain after five years of continuous residence in the UK. Consequently, any of their dependants too can become eligible.

If a dependant obtains an Indefinite Leave to remain, they’re no longer bound by immigration rules and control. Hence, you can freely live and work in the UK.

Also, they become independant from the main applicant; thus, you don’t determine their stay duration. If you wish to leave the country,  they can choose to remain if they want.

Why Apply for a UK Student dependent Visa?

The UK student dependent visa has many benefits to both the holder and the main applicant.

The primary reason why you should apply for this visa is to keep your family together and enjoy living in a new environment. Living alone in a foreign country can be extremely challenging for the main applicant. Bringing your family to a new country brings joy and a balanced quality of life.

Also, once your dependants move to the UK, they get an opportunity to work (adults), and the children have a chance to study in their state and private schools.

Furthermore, they may be eligible to apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain after staying in the UK for 5 years.

How Much funds Do You Require to Obtain a Dependant Visa in the UK?

The applicant must have a certain amount of money for their upkeep for at least one month of their stay in the UK. Hence, you or your dependant must meet the financial requirement for them to be considered for a student dependent visa.

You’ll need  £845 a month (for up to 9 months) for courses in London, and £680 a month (for up to 9 months) for courses outside London. This amount must be available in the bank account for at least 28 days within 31 days of your visa application. This financial requirement doesn’t apply to British and Indefinite Leave to Remain holding children.

Note that once you get to the UK, you can’t apply for any state benefits or funds.

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Do I Need To Pay a Healthcare Surcharge under the Student dependent Visa?

Yes, you’re required to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge under the student dependent visa. In addition to the visa application fee, NHS Healthcare Surcharge is a vital requirement, where the dependant pays the same amount as the main applicant. These charges are as follows:

  • £470 per year for a student or Tier (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa; for example, £940 for a 2-year visa
  • £470 per year for visa and immigration applicants who are under the age of 18 at time of application
  • £624 per year for all other visa and immigration applications; for example, £3,120 for a 5-year visa

You pay the NHS Healthcare Surcharge when paying the application fee.

What Are the Drawbacks of the UK Student dependent Visa?

Although the student dependent visa is an ideal route to the UK for work and studies, it also has shortcomings.

One of the major downsides is the restriction on who can go to the country. Unless you fit within the listed categories by the Immigration Rules and Policy guidance, you won’t be able to join your loved ones under this visa.

For instance, if you’re above 18 years, you can’t live with your parents, who are studying in the UK, under a student dependent visa.

Also, you can’t access public funds if you’re in the UK under this visa. Therefore,  you must prove your financial capability to support you while you’re in the country.

What Can Cause the Rejection of a UK Student dependent visa Application?

Common mistakes are the major cause of a dependant visa application rejection. Hence, it’s essential to take note of such errors by double-checking your application form before submission.

Here are some of the common mistakes:

  • Submitting incorrect supporting documents
  • Filling in incorrect details in the application form.
  • Submitting photocopied documents.
  • Sending the document in the incorrect format.
  • Withholding criminal or immigration offences from the home office.
  • Relying on unprofessional legal advice.
  • Providing insufficient information and assuming that the UK visa and immigration officers understand your case.

Application rejection is a frustrating experience. Hence, you must ensure that you do your things right to avoid it.

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