Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Indefinite Leave to Remain UK Guidance

Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settlement considered as the ultimate end-goal for many migrants who come to the UK. Britain offers a wealth of opportunities, in terms of career, culture, and family life. And it is only natural that having invested five or more years in the UK, you and your family will want to make it your permanent home.

How it works

Unfortunately, the British government has sought to make it increasingly difficult for migrants to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain. From arbitrarily refusing applicants due to a historical mistake on their tax form, to insisting Skilled Worker visa holders, at the date of the ILR application, obtain written confirmation from their employer that they are needed to work for the “foreseeable future” it has become increasingly challenging for those who dream of settlement in the UK to achieve it.

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What are the Indefinite Leave to Remain eligibility?

Eligibility for Indefinite Leave to Remain depends on the category or route under which the person is applying. For example, one may qualify for ILR on the basis of 10 years’ lawful residence in the UK. Other applications for ILR may be based on time spent working or residing with family in the UK. Most routes require a minimum residency requirement; for example, to apply for ILR on the basis of a spousal visa, the applicant must have resided for 5 years on their spousal visa, as well as meeting the other requirements.

What Are the Benefits of an Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa?

Indefinite Leave to Remain provides you and your family the opportunity to advance your status in the UK. Those with ILR can live and work in the UK, free from visa restrictions. Before applying for ILR, be aware that if you stay outside the UK for a continuous period of 2 years or more once ILR is granted, it will normally result in losing your ILR status.

Our experienced team can assist you and your family with the application process for this route, we have successfully helped many grateful clients navigate through the process. From the initial consultation until you receive the decision on indefinite leave to remain application, we are ready to help and make the process positive and hassle-free. We are unique that we also deliver the highest services to our clients and their family members.

Who Can Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain?

The following migrants may be eligible to apply for ILR:

  • Current holders of a working visa under the former PBS system
  • Current holders of a working visa under the new PBS system
  • Current holders of a Dependent Visa or  family visas
  • Long-term residents of the UK, i.e. those who have been in the country for ten years

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