Global Talent Visa UK Guide (2023)

Global Talent Visa UK

The Global Talent visa is a UK immigration category for talented and promising people in specific sectors such as sciences, the humanities, engineering, the arts, and technology, wishing to work in the UK. The Global Talent visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa category in the month of February in 2020. The Global Talent visa is an immigration category which leads to settlement after 3 years if you have been considered a Talented candidate or 5 years if you have been considered a Promise candidate. Upon completing your settlement application, and the required residency period in the UK you may be able to apply for British Citizenship

Who can get a Global Talent visa?

To be considered for entry under the Global Talent visa, all applicants must obtain an endorsement from one of six approved endorsing bodies.

If you are applying for endorsement in the field of science, engineering, medicine, the social science or the humanities, or other academic roles and research the Home Office will forward your application to Royal Society, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Royal Academy of Engineering, or the British Academy. One of these endorsing bodies will then make an endorsement decision based on your profile and the evidence you provide.

If you are applying for endorsement in the non-academic fields like that of arts and culture and digital technology, your application will be referred to Arts Council England or Tech Nation.

It is important to note that each endorsing body follows their own endorsement criteria.

The endorsing bodies have two sets of criteria when assessing an applicant:

  • Exceptional Talent criteria for applicants who have already demonstrated that they have made a significant contribution as a leader to their field; and
  • Exceptional Promise criteria for applicants who may be at an early stage in their careers and have already shown the potential to make significant contributions as a future leader in their field

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How do I apply for a Global Talent visa?

You can apply for a Global Talent visa from either within the country or outside it.

Applications within the UK
If you are applying from within the UK, for example switching from one type of visa to a Global Talent visa, the application is made online.
You can apply to switch to a Global Talent visa if you are already in the UK on one of the following visa types:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 5
  • Tier 4, except Short Term Student Visa
  • Start Up
  • Innovator

Applications from outside the UK
An application for entry clearance can be made at the nearest visa appointment centre in your country of residence.

What is the Global Talent visa processing time?

The application for endorsement usually takes up to 28 days to be processed. The visa application can take up to three weeks if you are applying from outside the UK and up to eight weeks if you are applying from within the UK.
However, digital technology applicants may apply to have their endorsement application fast-tracked under certain prescribed circumstances.

In some cases, priority applications may be possible for visa applications, and do note that the applicant does not have to wait for the endorsement to be granted before they apply for the visa – although they run a risk because if the endorsement application is refused then of course the visa application will be refused as well.

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